A Classic 1980's Computer Game
When Lumpies Of Lotis IV begins, intergalactic trade ships have been hijacked near the planet Lotis IV, and economic crisis threatens the galaxy. Lotis IV is inhabitated by Lumpies - a primitive, but cunning tribe of creatures who live underground. Although their technology is crude, the Lumpies are famous for their ability to put almost anything to use as a weapon. You have been dispatched to spy on the Lumpies and discover whether they are indeed hijacking cargo ships. If the Lumpies have taken prisoners from the crews of the missing ships, you must free the captives as well. During your approach to Lotis IV, a severe atmospheric storm sends your spacecraft plummeting to the planet's surface. When your mind clears after the accident, you find yourself wandering in a warren of underground caves, without any weapons or communications gear. Your only hope for survival is to find the Lumpies' communications center so you can summon a rescue team from home - freeing any prisoners you find on the way. The more prisoners you rescue, the greater your reward will be after returning to your home planet.