Lumpies of Lotis IV is a 3-D graphical adventure game which first publicly appeared in the October 1986 issue of COMPUTE! magazine, a popular home computer magazine for the Apple, Atari, VIC-20, Commodore, PET/CBM, TI, IBM PC, and Amiga. We wrote the original Lumpies of Lotis IV on an IBM PCjr using BASIC for the 2-bit, 320 by 200 pixel graphics screen. 2-bit color only results in 4 colors. Two palette choices were Purple-White-Blue-Black or Red-Yellow-Green-Black. Lumpies of Lotis IV was written using red, yellow, green, and black. The graphics were drawn each time the adventurer moved around.

Lumpies of Lotis IV was based on a program we wrote back in 1982 for the Timex Sinclair 1000, then later converted to the IBM PC which was published in the Second Book of COMPUTE! This version of the game was a 2-D graphics adventure game.

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